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​Why you shouldn’t stop your job hunt at Christmas

Planning to wind down your job hunt over Christmas? Find out why it may not be such a good idea to stop and how you can do to keep momentum up. However, the most important thing to remember is to u...

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The benefits of recruiting at Christmas

​As we approach Christmas, it’s possible that you will be thinking less about your recruitment needs and more about the Christmas party. After all, this is the time to be celebrating the team’s har...

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9 Strategies You Must Know for Recruiting in a Candidate-Driven Market

What this blog will cover:Be Decisive and Fast! This WILL Make All the Difference!Something That Most Interviewers Forget to do at The Interview Stage The Recipe and Lure of Desirable Benefits Pack...

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Revolutionise your company with 10 tips on how to motivate your people and drive team performance.

Keeping your team motivated is one of the most challenging issues in management. With costly issues at the heart of it like boosting team performance and long-term staff retention, it’s easy to see...

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SPACs: Why Start-ups Should Be Serious About Them 

While there may be a euphoria about SPACs in the USA, success stories in Europe are still hard to come by. Scepticism is spreading quickly, although the SPAC model has existed for years, and market...

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Challenges you will face when recruiting international talent

Congratulations, you are thinking about hiring internationally! A vital part of the hiring process is international recruitment/talent acquisition for countless HRs across the globe. The diversific...

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10 Ways to Manage your Sales Pipeline

​A pipeline plays a pivotal role in any successful business. 72% of sales managers hold sales pipeline review meetings with their sales reps several times a month. However, 63% say that their compa...

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15 Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

Interviewing a candidate can sound easy on the surface with a job description in hand describing the specific experience, mindset, and skills needed. Then a recruiter or hiring manager asks a strin...

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Managing Remote Sales Teams

​Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of people have been forced to stay at home, displacing sales teams and fast-tracking the embracing of virtual selling channels. Few organisations were pre...

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Digital healthcare market overview

​OverviewIn 2020 the global digital health market was valued at USD 9.65 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.1% from 2021 to 2028. Growing cases of obesity...

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Negotiation Tactics That Every Woman Should Use

Women and men are constantly treated differently in the workplace. That is just the way it is.The Black Swan Network have found after years of being members of the workplace that women have five sp...

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Sales Reps May Be Wearing Out Their Welcome in the Operating Room 

​In the operating room, surgical masks and matching scrubs can make it hard to tell who is who — at least for outsiders. A patient may not realise that salespeople on commission are often in the op...

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Top 7 Reasons To Work In Recruitment

Working in recruitment can be fast-paced, fun, and varied, with clear opportunities for career progression, fantastic earning potential, and a great social life. I’ve listed below my top six reason...

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6 Do’s and Don’ts For a Winning Job Interview

We’ve put together the most critical interview ‘do’s and don’t’s based on the candidate feedback we’ve had from some of the world’s top medical technology companies. The great news is, most don’t r...

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New Job

Time for a new Job?

What have you learnt in the past week? month? year? Do you want more money or a better work-life balance? How about some international travel? More responsibilities or some management experience? ...

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4 Ways To Stand Out In The Post-COVID Crowd

Before coronavirus hit, employers were gasping in a ‘talent drought’, desperate to woo skilled candidates. Now they’re drowning in a talent flood. If you’re feeling out of your depth in the new ult...

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5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Work Colleagues

Office confrontation is never easy. Below are 5 things you should never say to your colleagues to avoid this.​1. “Sorry you feel that way.”People often say this to wrap up a disagreement quickly. O...

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5 Reasons Your CV Is Not Getting You An Interview

1. Double check your attachments open correctly on all devicesI once spent the best part of a week meticulously perfecting my C.V during every spare moment I had for a dream job I saw online. A few...

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8 Signs You Shouldn't Have Taken the Job

Things were probably getting sour or coming to a natural end at your last job and the exciting momentum of job hunting and meeting new people kicked in. You nailed the job interview and liked the c...

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Handing In Your Resignation

1. Double check your attachments open correctly on all devicesI once spent the best part of a week meticulously perfecting my C.V during every spare moment I had for a dream job I saw online. A few...

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