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Job Information

Reimbursement Specialist - Medical Devices

Information About this Role

Reimbursement Specialist - Medical Devices

Duties and Responsibilities for the Reimbursement position:

  • Deliver an overview of the identified markets for development
  • Develop tactical marketing plan and communications plan
  • Developing sales tools and presentations catered to individual markets
  • Establishing relationships with key opinion leaders in the medical arena
  • Develop centres of excellence for surgeon education and training
  • Develop and implement publication and podium presence strategy
  • Develop and support clinical study strategy
  • Monitoring competitor products and delivering sales talk tracks
  • Support product manager to promote our prouct
  • Support and advise on product development
  • Develop patient and relevant society collaboration

The ideal candidate

  • will run a healthcare reimbursement strategy.
  • will be working with 2 consultants, one in Germany and 1 in the UK.
  • Ideally medical device experience.
  • Preferably Europe and US experience.
  • Senior management Europe
  • home based