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As an incredibly skilled and fast-moving industry, being ahead of the curve for in the Software market is crucial to being successful. Longer life expectancies, novel infectious diseases and chronic health complications are predicted to drive the global value of this industry to $612.7 billion by 2025.

Grow fast or die fast

In an age of regular technological disruption, for software companies, growing fast has become essential to survival. You have to grow really fast. If you have a solution that fixes a global problem, you have to go global right away. You have no choice, otherwise, someone else is going to take that spot.

What we do for clients

Projectus help Software manufacturers design their organisations - the structure, roles and responsibilities - to seize these opportunities. We help them select and hire the talent they need to execute their strategy. And we put strategies in place that show them the best way to compensate, develop, and motivate their people – increasing retention and positively impacting the bottom line.

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What we do for candidates

Projectus can guide you into your first entry-level role all the way through to c-level appointments. We use salary benchmarking to ensure you are paid accordingly and science to make sue you enjoy and thrive in your new role.

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