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Zuzanna Kukulka

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Zuzanna Kukulka

Zuzanna Kukulka

Candidate Experience Executive - Cardiology


Zuzanna Kukulka is a specialist Cardiology and Neurology recruiter at Projectus Consulting. Motivated by providing top talent to MedTech startups, she takes pride in providing an outstanding consulting service.

Specialized on the commercial side of Cardiology and Neurology, Zuzanna Kukulka typically recruits Clinical Application Specialists, Territory Manager, Sales Reps, Account Manager, Key Account Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager and Regional Sales Representatives.



Originally from Poland, Zuzanna moved to London at the age of 6 with the very limited vocabulary of numbers, colours and animals that she was taught in pre-school. She was however able to pick up the language very quickly, and by the next school year, she was already working on the same level as all her peers.

In her further education, Zuzanna chose to go down the more creative path studying Design and Illustration- and later Interior Architecture at university. Most of the time now she offers her services to her younger sister who always comes up with very ambitious projects for her Textiles Design studies. Booking in an occasional day trip to the zoo or a botanical garden to practice their live drawing skills is always a favourite for Zuzanna to clear her mind after a long week in the office. 

Zuzanna has over 6 years of management experience from her years in sales within luxury retail. Working for the last few years in a world-renowned store, she has had a chance to not only manage a very versatile time but also to serve a range of clients from all backgrounds. Assisting customers and businesses from all around the world she was able to learn about countless cultures and their traditions, and she loves to implement this knowledge in her travels.

After working with a variety of products in multiple departments, as well as doing the Operations and Logistics side of the job, Zuzanna felt like she was ready for a new challenge. Recruitment seemed the best job to build on the skills she acquired in her previous roles as they provided Zuzanna with a strong base for matching and nurturing clients and candidates.

She believes that a close relationship and outstanding network with both candidates and clients is pivotal for a successful recruitment process and likes therefore open and regular communication.

Your business needs good talent. But the reverse is also true. Great employees need the right environments to flourish. Expert recruitment is what makes these connections, and allows both businesses and people to grow and develop. At Projectus Consulting we understand this, our knowledge of the market, coupled with our collaborative approach & passion for the industry is key to our success.

With over 119 years of combined recruitment experience, we have amassed the largest sector-specific network of expertly screened candidates whilst overcoming every imaginable hurdle in the recruitment process.


Personal Life

In her free time, Zuzanna loves discovering new and interesting locations to dine and try various cuisines. She also loves finding new activities to do with her two younger siblings, anything from zip-lining and treetop ropes courses to an indoor trampoline park or VR arcade experience

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