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Koya Harvey-Walker

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Koya Harvey-Walker

Koya Harvey-Walker

Diversity & Inclusion Lead


A pioneer in the Diversity & Inclusion space, Koya Harvey-Walker is the D&I Lead and Champion at Projectus Consulting. She started her career in Compliance at Amazon, before moving on to do consulting at IPF. Driven by a mission to create lasting and meaningful change in MedTech, Koya Harvey-Walker is best known for inspiring companies to strategically plan inclusive cultures.

Her impressive record in attracting diverse candidates into software and medical technology organisations, coupled with her detailed insight into change management, allows her to commit fully to every diversity and inclusion project she leads.

Known for her sharp, analytical and data-driven approach to inclusion, Koya’s work at making Diversity, Equality and Inclusion fun and accessible allowed her to build and formulate our EDI offering from scratch. Her fantastic relationship building skills have granted us partnerships with leading institutes like the Institute of Neurocognitivism and charities in this sector.



Whether it’s dismantling racism or delivering training courses on unconscious bias, she is skilled at conducting diversity audits, creating impact reports and providing strategic insight into cultural inclusion and belonging in the workplace. Koya works diligently and passionately to exceed client expectations and is known to celebrate every milestone with her clients.

As a bilingual speaker, her focus is localisation projects and building community relationships that positively impact the healthcare sector. Her specialty is working with Diversity and Inclusion Leaders or Chief Diversity Officers to place them within companies and support their incentives.



In her spare time, she continues to advocate for equality, anti-racism, sustainability, fairness and inclusion for everyone no matter their background, age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability or race.

She is currently the host of Fresh Voices Podcast series aimed at driving diversity, inclusivity and belonging within healthcare and its related technologies. The ground-breaking series has seen collaboration from organisations like B Braun, BD, WES (Women’s Society for Engineering), NHS & more.


Koya’s key topics include:
  • Healthcare and LGBTQ+ voices

  • Tackling the diversity-innovation paradox

  • Women in STEM

  • Access, Fairness and Inclusion in the Employee Lifecycle

  • Allies and how they can help share the burden

  • Employee Resource Groups, Networks and Councils

  • Race, and underrepresentation particularly for BAME groups

  • The impact of disability on Trans treatment in healthcare

  • Neurodiversity and diversity of thought

  • How managers can navigate diversity and inclusion

  • The role of HR in adapting and creating diversity and inclusion policies

  • What inclusion looks like in different countries

  • Is multiculturalism for business?

  • Women in Leadership

  • Gender Parity, Equal Pay and the Gender Pay Gap

  • Returning Mothers and other schemes to revamp workplaces

  • How diverse leadership teams boost innovation

  • How to tackle unconscious gender bias in the workplace

  • How to use data drive change from the bottom up

  • How to deal with harassment in the workplace

  • Understanding the remit of the 2010 Equalities Act and laws against discrimination

  • What is a ‘protected characteristic’?

  • Affirmative Action Programs and when and how they are effective

  • Inclusive language and reshaping power structures

  • The debate on BAME, how to shift from generalisation to empowerment 

  • How to ensure diversity incentives succeed in the workplace

  • How to retain diverse talent

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