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Eric Hacker

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Eric Hacker

Eric Hacker

Senior Recruitment Consultant (Engineering)


Eric Hacker is the Senior Recruitment specialist for DACH at Projectus Consulting, where he is responsible for Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, as well as Quality Management, and Regulatory Affairs. On a mission to find the best talents on the market, he is focused on Recruitment processes, building long-term relationships, and creating a frictionless experience for Medical, Automotive and other Technology clients in FinTech, IoT and Digital.

Eric is a well-known expert for delivering an outstanding recruitment process and finding talents with rare skills in C#/C++ and Python to fill complex positions in fields like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

Prior to taking on his role as Specialist in Software Engineering, Eric gained experience in recruiting for Senior Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs positions as the Recruitment Consultant DACH in the pharmaceutical industry at GxPeople.

Examples of Eric's successfully filled staffing projects are:

Embedded Software Engineer in Mobility and Robotics, Computer Vision and Algorithm Developer, AI, Machine Learning, Python (Pytorch) Engineer, AI, Machine Learning Pytorch specialist, Medical Imaging, Software Architect- Medical Imaging, Systems Software Engineer, Medical imaging, Software Quality (Test) Engineer, Medical Imaging, Software Architect, Surgical Robotics, Project Manager - Medical Imaging, Full-Stack Software Engineer, Medical Imaging Software, C++ Software Engineer – Radiology, C# Software Developer – Radiology, Software Test Engineer - Medical Imaging

Let Eric’s candidates/clients have a word:

“Thanks to the support of Mr. Hacker and the team at Projectus, I have found an exciting new position in medical technology. Throughout the whole process Mr. Hacker was a great support and always gave me good advice."

"Mr. Hacker guided me safely through the application process and was always available to advise me by phone or e-mail. Also due to the professional interview training and the excellent preparation for the interviews. I can highly recommend Eric Hacker as a recruiter.”

I have collaborated with Eric during my recruiting for the position of QARA manager. I have received a very good preparation and support all along the hiring process from Eric, and it helped me to give my best during the interviews and to be hired. I am very happy at this position right now and I am very grateful to Eric to have made it possible.”

Eric is an Award-Winning talent acquisition specialist, focussed on talent attraction, personal branding, and delivering the ultimate candidate experience! He is a trusted partner for bringing exceptional talent to world leading Tech organisations and known for finding top talent in passive active talent pools.

Top Skills:
  • Finding exceptional Tech talent from all over the world!

  • Attracting passive candidates for exciting opportunities

  • Being a trustful recruitment partner for a frictionless and transparent process

  • Pairing highly skilled individuals with outstanding innovators

If you are looking for a recruitment partner for your Software Engineering roles in Machine Learning, Big Data or Computer Vision with an outstanding network in your industry, if you are struggling to find the best talents on the market, reach out to Eric. He is always open for an introduction or conversation about your urgent needs.



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