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Benedict Wiegman

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Benedict Wiegman

Benedict Wiegman

Senior Consultant (Cardiovascular & Medical Imaging)


Benedict Wiegman is our Medical Imaging and Cardiovascular recruitment consultant.

Benedict joined Projectus in January 2020, following a half-decade career in Reinsurance Broking for Commercial Aviation. During his tenure in the Lloyd’s Market, Benedict refined his sales acumen and established himself as a commercial powerhouse. Having accomplished all he could in the world of 747s & A380s, he left the world of high-flying risk management to consult in the MedTech sector, adopting a new focus in medical devices.



Benedict’s specialist areas include: Cardiac Rhythm Management, Heart Failure, Structural Heart, Vascular Intervention, Peripheral Intervention, Coronary Intervention, Cardiac Mapping, Electrophysiology, Cardiac Ablation, MRI, CT, PET & SPECT, Nuclear Medicine, X-Ray and Ultrasound Imaging, along with software for these devices.

In his early days at Projectus, Benedict demonstrated an immediate capability for executive consultancy, devising a unique approach to client introductions and candidate sourcing, and since then has continued to grow in his role, expecting more of himself with each improvement.



Having driven successfully into the US market and mainland Europe, Benedict makes no bones about the type of client he works with. Exclusively representing the sharp end of innovative tech, he only represents the forefront of change in the MedTech market, sourcing talent for the newest and most effective products available. Symptomatic of this, he finds himself amongst the start-up market with almost all of his clients, enabling him and his clients to complete projects with far greater agility to the more established players in his sector.



He is perhaps best known in the Projectus office for his booming voice and somewhat questionable outfits, although never being deterred to display a pair of leopard print shoes in LinkedIn videos. Benedict also has a proclivity towards the US market, likely due to his Queen’s English accent, so spends the majority of his day calling across the pond.


Personal Life

Outside of work, Benedict is a keen rugby player, captaining the esteemed East India Club XV, supported by his trusty hippo, Cecil. Having played for a number of years at a far more serious level, he now revels in the more social side of the game, being known to perform as well in the 3rd half as he does in the 1st and 2nd. Benedict is also well known for his public speaking, having notably detailed the fine minutiae of the Battle of Agincourt on Projectus’ 8th birthday. He strongly believes this passion for holding court is part of what makes him the effective consultant he is today.

Benedict lives in Shoreditch, which he is convinced makes him ‘cool’ despite being in the office after 8pm most evenings. He shares a flat with his tenant, with whom he has started a fund to acquire PS5. If not in London, Benedict would likely be found in the Holte End at Villa Park, pretending he knows about football. Shortly before joining Projectus, Benedict made an impromptu trip to Japan for the final of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, regularly referring the match as ‘the greatest injustice of the modern era’.


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