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Beatrice Militello

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Beatrice Militello

Beatrice Militello

Surgical & Orthopaedic Recruitment Consultant


Beatrice Militello is a Recruitment Consultant within the Surgical and Orthopaedic market at Projectus Consulting. She oversees the markets in Italy and the UK. Beatrice worked as a recruitment consultant in the childcare and domestic markets, for over one year and a half, prior to joining the Projectus Consulting Team.   


Beatrice studied Modern Languages at the University of Leicester. In her degree she focused on studying French, Italian and Spanish. Beatrice built upon her linguistic skills through her degree as well as developing her understanding of the social, political, and cultural forces that have shaped contemporary France and the Francophone world, Italy, and Spain. She was very fortunate to be able to do a year abroad as part of her degree. Beatrice spent her first semester, of her third year of university in Brussels studying French and Italian at Université libre de Bruxelles, in which she obtained a first. For her second semester, Beatrice flew to Milan, where she taught English as a second language to children aged 3-5 years old. She graduated in July 2019 with an Upper 2.1.

Throughout her degree, Beatrice was unsure of what career path to take. Beatrice wanted to find a career path that would challenge her as much as her degree did. After much research, she decided to get into recruitment and landed her first-ever 360 recruitment role in September 2019 where her primary focus was recruiting and helping candidates within the childcare and domestic market. She started in the au pair desk and later also started focusing on live-in nannies. During her time in this role, she successfully built the au pair desk.

After one year and seven months in this role Beatrice wanted a new challenge (still as a recruitment consultant) but in a different market. Beatrice loved being a recruitment consultant due to her passion for helping others, and she found the role to be very rewarding. In April 2021 Beatrice was offered a full-time position as a 360-recruitment consultant here at Projectus Consulting. The Medical Device Market was a market that always interested her, and she is very happy to have joined us.

Personal Life

As an explorer who loves new adventures, Beatrice has travelled to numerous countries and has a goal to visit as many countries as possible within the next five years. Beatrice is family orientated and particularly enjoys spending time with her niece and nephew.  Outside the office she has many hobbies including cooking, going for long walks, and finding new places to go and visit. Beatrice enjoys the outdoors and believes that life should be enjoyed to its fullest.  


“Beatrice has great recruiting capabilities, she cares about her clients and is always aware of every step of the recruitment process, making you feel comfortable the whole way through. She has great attention to detail. She is one of the best recruiters I’ve ever worked with, I recommend her 100%”

"Beatrice is a dedicated, caring, and professional recruiter, assuring I was well prepared for the whole process. I would recommend Beatrice to anyone in need of recruitment assistance in the orthopaedic or surgical market."

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