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Catherine Campbell
International Sales Manager – Medical Imaging
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Aileen Zainuddin
Recruitment Consultant - DACH Specialist
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Dominic Lynch
Cardiovascular Senior Consultant, UK, Benelux & Nordics
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James Elton
Consultant, Medical Imaging
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Koya Harvey-Walker
Cardiovascular & Radiology Consultant (France & UK)
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Charles Kyriakou
International Sales Manager – Urology, Gynaecology & Patient Care
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Drew Burkin
Consultant - Patient and Critical Care Specialist
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Oscar Sheridan
Critical Care Consultant
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Kieran Phillips
Senior Consultant - RAQA Specialist
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Eric Hacker
DACH Consultant | Specialist, RAQA & Engineering
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Simon Broadway
International Sales Manager- Orthopaedic & Surgical
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Isaac Davies Oliveck
Surgical Consultant - International
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Jonathan Pena
French Speaking Surgical Specialist
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Joseph Harlowe
Associate Consultant, Orthopaedic
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Matthew Wadsworth
Orthopaedic and Spine Senior Consultant – Europe
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Nicolette Argones
Marketing & Operations Assistant
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Lottie Kent-Mock
Business Support Administrator
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Matthew Barker