Negotiation Tactics That Every Woman Should Use

16 June 2021 Projectus Consulting

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Women and men are constantly treated differently in the workplace. That is just the way it is.

The Black Swan Network have found after years of being members of the workplace that women have five specific skills to greatly affect negotiations. These skills have been dubbed the Fab Five Sills for Females.

Read below to learn the five negotiations skills and increase the chances of you navigating your next negotiation to arrive at your intended outcome.



Women are great at using labels. Labels are verbal observations of emotion the are displayed or implied but not obvious. For example, if someone is raising their voice during a negotiation, you might say: It seems like you are frustrated about something.

Labels are a tool used to uncover the emotion behind what the opposition is saying. It is women who are naturally skilled when it comes to using labels as it comes more intuitively.



Mirrors is the task of reflecting on the last three to five said by your counterpart for upward inflection. This tactic gives women power and control over a situation. You are neither confirming nor negating, instead, you are repeating what was said, allowing the other side to reveal any additional information.

If your counterpart states several ideas, mirror the idea that you are most interested in and would like to learn more about. If your counterpart says three sentences and the information you want to explore is in the second one, mirror a few keywords from that sentence with an upward inflection. 


When being used correctly using the mirror technique allows women to discreetly control the conversation.

Accusation Audit

Women are repeatedly referred to as being too emotional or too assertive. An accusation audit allows you to diffuse these obstacles from the get-go. This tactic can determine the negative sentiments likely to be harboured by the other side and address each one proactively.

For example, you might kick off your AA like this: You may have heard that I am aggressive, or you might think I am coming across as overly emotional.

To come up with your accusation audit you need to be aware of the negative thing other people may think of you. In this light, an accusation audit demonstrates self-awareness and awareness of what is thought or felt about you.


Women tend to be better listeners than men – capable of understanding what people are saying and holding them to the facts. This makes the summary tool a perfect addition to negotiation tactics.

A summary aims to demonstrate that you have a thorough, complete understanding of the opposition. The tactic can be used at several different points throughout a touch negotiation or conversation. This can be used for clarification at any point – something women have shown to be very good at. When you execute the summary, you are looking for a That is right.

Once you hear that phrase, you know you are on point with the other side.


No-Orientated Questions

Many men and women are addicted to yes. But you may get better outcomes by seeking no.

By asking no-orientated questions, you prevent the other side from thinking that you are too demanding. However, when pushing for a yes, it can be seen as being overly assertive.

By letting your counterpart answer with no it makes to maintain their autonomy, making them more likely to what to do business with you.


How to Get Out of an Awkward Situation

Unfortunately, women can be subjected to patronising and inappropriate behaviour. An example of this behaviour is being called honey or sweetie.

If this happens, remember that Labels are your friends. Use Labels to redirect the conversation: it seems as though we are going off track. If this behaviour persists, you make must make your Labels tougher: It seems like you think it is okay to call me that.

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