Why Video Interviewing Is The Future Of Recruitment

11 May 2021 Projectus Consulting


Of course, video interviewing is not as ideal as face-to-face interviews. However, in some cases, (i.e.when hiring multilingual candidates) video interviews are better for both the candidate and the recruiter. The latest figures speak for themselves with 42% of AGR members revealing that they use video interviews in their recruiting process. So why are video interviews the future of your recruitment strategy?

Less Travel Involved

One of the greatest complaints you will hear from candidates is how far they travelled for just one job interview. The candidate may have even booked time off from their current job to go to your interview. Eliminate this annoyance by using video interviews.

You can set up a live interview using Skype. If you wish to hire talent globally, it makes sense to use a video interviewing software in your recruitment strategy. This way, you can still hire a number of highly skilled workers without the constriction of geographical boundaries.

Hire Faster

Of course, not every company can use video interviews for the entire recruitment process, but you can use video as an alternative to the first pre-screen phone call. Using video interviews at this early stage lets employers meet a vast number of candidates quickly and get a better sense of who they are. While this can be done over the phone, video brings people to life and allows them to share their story more personally.

As you will have a better idea of the candidate’s character, you can narrow down your list of best candidates faster. This significantly reduces the amount of time you spend hiring overall. So, instead of meeting 20 – 25 candidates for face-to-face interviews, you meet half these candidates and hire in no time.

Improved collaboration

If you are taking notes throughout an interview, it can be difficult to share feedback with the rest of your team. Most video software providers allow you to record interviews, meaning team members can evaluate a candidate by themselves. This process caters to a large number of viewpoints and ensures that all candidates are thoroughly evaluated.

Recorded video interviews also mean that team members can replay and rewind any segments that catch their attention. A manager who couldn’t make the interview can suss out a candidate’s character and identify any red flags. In essence, video interviewing contributes to improved collaboration and better hires.

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