Top 7 Reasons To Work In Recruitment

25 May 2021 Projectus Consulting

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Working in recruitment can be fast-paced, fun, and varied, with clear opportunities for career progression, fantastic earning potential, and a great social life. 

I’ve listed below my top six reasons for moving into the recruitment sector for those who are unsure about what it can offer. 

1 You can follow a clear career path  

Starting out in any sector it’s helpful to have a defined path to follow, with clearly marked steps laid out ahead of you showing your way up the career ladder. This is true for recruitment - and if you can work hard you’ll progress up the ladder quickly.  

At Projectus Consulting, we have a structured career path mapped out. If you are new to recruitment and have sales experience, you will start as an Associate Recruitment Consultant (someone whose job it is to find new potential candidates and to support with client headhunting opportunities).  

Once you have between 6 to 12 months of recruitment experience and have shown you’re able to contribute to billing and client growth, the next step is to a Recruitment Consultant role where you will further develop your niche within your market. 

Options to progress from here can be either as a Manager, with responsibility for managing and developing a team. If you’d prefer to act as a mentor rather than directly manage, you may be better suited to a Projectus Guru role with the autonomy and freedom to concentrate on what you do best: recruiting, networking and headhunting. 

Career progression at Projectus doesn’t stop at Manager or Guru, we have a structure in place that will allow you to develop through to Associate Director, moving to Director, reporting to the board.  

As an example of how you could progress with us, all our Managers are homegrown and are on the path to becoming Associate Directors, within the next 6 months.  

We also pride ourselves on developing staff outside of core consulting roles. Oscar Sheridan was a former consultant, who has since moved to become our marketing and business analyst. We value talent and will play to everyone’s strengths 

2 You get exceptional training  

Many recruitment agencies set great store in training and developing staff and Projectus Consulting is no exception. All our consultants are given a structured training plan that doesn’t just stop after your first six months.  Learning and self-development are at the very core of our business, driven by our leadership team, including Tim Lawrie (CEO and founder), Liam Newton (Sales Director). 

Our goal is to provide everyone with a solid grounding in the full recruitment cycle and our exceptional consulting service, from building a candidate talent pool and client base to interviewing candidates, providing career coaching, headhunting, and networking with clients in the Medical Technology and Software markets.  

We want people to achieve their career goals whilst they are with us, so the training doesn’t stop at the basics. We run several ongoing Senior Consultant and Leadership training programmes that include, the fundamentals of managing, coaching principals, organisational skills, employee wellbeing and how to motivate your team, all factor into our manager's training programme. 

3 Uncapped earning potential  

Getting straight to the point, you can earn excellent money!  Commission structures vary from company to company, so do ask about it when interviewing. 

There are lots of other incentives available too. For example, here at Projectus, you can attend our monthly big billers event, an all-expenses-paid afternoon at a Michelin star restaurant.  

We hold an annual Presidents Club trip, with all the highest achieving consultants enjoying an all-expenses-paid trip to either Ibiza, Marbella, with the mention of Miami or Las Vegas being on the hit list next!  

We also run incentives throughout the year to reward hard work and success, including trips to Ascot and spot prizes that include vouchers for Just Eat, Amazon or Waitrose, or a monthly subscription for Mindful Chef or Gusto. 

4 You get a fantastic grounding in business  

While managing a recruitment process is about finding great candidates and placing them in your clients’ roles, there’s so much more to it than that.  

You’ll learn how to understand clients’ needs and wants to be able to identify issues and provide solutions. And you’ll be acting as your client’s ambassador, selling their company, representing their brand and supporting their growth plans within their markets.  Working with your network of candidates, you will provide career coaching and advice, helping them find an employer where they can be successful.  

Gaining this solid understanding of how businesses work will help you immensely throughout your whole career. 

5 Recruitment isn’t an exclusive club 

The traditional image of a recruitment consultant may be someone who’s the loudest person in the room, but banish all thoughts of the dodgy car salesperson.  

While you’ll need great communication skills and an engaging personality to succeed in this sector, what also counts is empathy, credibility and the ability to ask great questions - particularly in a business-to-business market.  

Other non-negotiables are stamina to work in a fast-paced role, and grit to help you see past the repeated ‘Nos’ and rejection you’ll encounter.  

Recruitment is, above all, a human business, and if you enjoying speaking to people - whether clients or candidates - and building long-term relationships as you help them succeed and like a spot of healthy competition, there’s no better job.  

6 You’re in control of your destiny 

You are, the fact is “the more you put in the more you get back” shaping your success and earning potential. Whilst everyone else heads out the door at 5:30, if you’re the person going above and beyond, making those last few phone calls to candidates (out of office hours) when they can speak, taking that call when you are on “lunch”, asking those killer questions that everyone else shy’s away from, then this will result in finding the perfect candidate or, getting through to that elusive hiring manager and securing a new client, will result in bigger bonuses and greater career opportunities. Working smart, hard and being tenacious will ultimately drive your success. 

7 It's sociable 

You all go through the highs and lows together, celebrating success, championing each other as you progress.  If you are relocating to a new town or city, working in recruitment gives you an excellent advantage of quickly making new friends and access to a great social life.  


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