Top 5 Tips For Delivering A Winning Job Interview!

07 May 2021 Projectus Consulting


DO dress appropriately for the job 

Follow the dress code provided by your consultant because they understand their client’s expectations better than you do. If you are unsure about anything i.e. blazer or no blazer? Ask 

DO research and show enthusiasm for the company 

Visit the company website and read their mission and values statement and senior management page. Find out what projects and products they are passionate about as well as their awards and accolades. Bring these into the conversation during the interview. Know who you are seeing, check out your interviewers LinkedIn page beforehand. 

DO stress relevant achievements using figures and examples 

These can include sales records, business development, personal targets met or what the outcome of a successful project you worked on looked like. Explain your achievements using case studies and tell your career story. Quantify your achievements where possible as figures get more buy-in than words. For example, “I opened 30 new accounts worth £500,000 for my company. This was 20% more than the next top salesman across the territory.” 

DO bring extra copies of your CV, your ‘brag file’ and a pen and paper 

You never know who else might pop into the meeting and want your CV. Your brag file is essentially your career portfolio. There is nothing more compelling than physical evidence of your achievements, so add things like sales evidence, awards and commendations into a ‘brag file’. Take a pen and paper and pre-written questions as it demonstrates your interest and show’s you’ve done your homework. 

DO close the interview 

Great closing questions include “What do you think of me?” “What else you need me to clarify?” “What is the next step in the process?” “What’s stopping you from offering me the job today?” Your consultant will advise you on how to close beforehand. Never underestimate the importance of this. 

In conclusion, going to an interview can be daunting for the best of people, if you follow these steps it will hallmark you as a candidate who has gone out of their way to prepare themselves for the role and the interview, this shows a fantastic attitude and commitment! 

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