The Impact of Recommendations in the Recruitment Business

06 May 2021


During the last couple of years, the importance of getting recommendations has grown massively! We find that reviews, which describe the experiences made while working with Projectus Consulting help our clients decide whether to work with us or not. Moreover, positive reviews help decide which positions they book with us, as well as if they agree an exclusivity or a retained service. Getting reviews has become a very important part of generating business and a crucial way of gaining trust quickly in the absence of a longstanding relationship. 

Numerous studies confirm the exact impact and positive correlation that referrals and recommendations have on building new client relationships and revenue.

The positive impact on reviews on your business:

  • Gain more business by letting your clients speak for you

  • Higher revenue due to increased trust in your service by externally backing up your expertise

  • Increase in reputation in the industry

Key Stats:

  • When providing our clients with excellent referrals, we found that on average they spend 31% more on our services!

  • Within our business, 86% of your clients read reviews before they engage with a new service partner! 

What are the best ways to get referrals from my client and candidates?

 1. Provide an excellent service to both, clients and candidates

Think about what you can do to make your client speak positively about your work?

2. Showcase your best projects and clients

Following up on a project, ask for permission to feature the success on your website, in your marketing materials and on your LinkedIn.3. Give referrals to others

The best way to boost referrals is to refer others too. It can start a chain reaction that can lead to lots of new business.4. ASK

The most important strategy for boosting referrals is asking for them. Who asks wins! 83% of satisfied clients are happy to write a recommendation. However, only 29% do it after finishing a project. Maybe because nobody asked? 

Let’s check what our clients say about Projectus Consulting:


HR Director

“I highly recommend Projectus and their tailored range of client services. It’s really refreshing that I can work with a company that only specialise in the medical technology industry. Their industry focus is welcome and particularly obvious when they provide the technical and in-depth understanding required to comprehend the nitty gritty of the medical technology industry and our needs. My consultant always injects energy into the process and its highly professional in every way helping clients to fulfil their ideal position. With Projectus, it starts with a personal interview (that no other company does) and always ends in success. Their unique client service offering has been of great benefit to my recruitment needs. I will definitely use Projectus in the future.”



“I can recommend James Elton as a person with great knowledge and understanding in finding the perfect candidates for vacancies in the medical devices industry. He stands out as a Recruitment Consultant due to his enthusiastic, sincere follow-up and clear communication, which shows he’s fully and personally engaged. This isn’t only beneficial for the clients of Projectus, but even more so for the people he approaches. I could always depend on him and give me advice to find my next career challenge. Experiencing his honest and personal way of communicating has been refreshing, unlike other recruiters he is an asset to both clients and candidates.”




What do you do to get referrals and recommendations and how do you think about this topic?