6 Ways To Attract Passive Candidates

05 May 2021 Projectus Consulting


Attracting the mysterious passive candidate is something all recruiters aim for. The passive candidate is not actively looking for new opportunities, but are great for this reason because they are often more loyal and stable.


Here are 6 ways to attract passive candidates:

1. Have something to say

Use your company LinkedIn groups, blogs and various other content outlets to talk about the industry. Think of what passive candidates will be searching for, remember they are not actively looking for jobs however, they will be looking for comments/news on the industry in which they work.


2. Be an expert, not a recruiter

Top candidates do not want to deal with recruiters trying to earn their fee. They want to engage with experts in the industry who can understand the field that they work in. Ensure that what you have to say will engage with passive candidates. Do not push the candidate for applications, but establish a relationship that you can build on.


3. Mine your database

You already have a great list of passive candidates, use those lists to backdate a couple of years to cross-reference what they are doing now via LinkedIn. They may not have been suitable for a role years ago but may now have the experience and expertise necessary.


4. Make a good first impression

Being contacted by a recruiter is a compliment, it assures candidates they are valuable in the workplace and can start the process in a passive candidate to consider other opportunities. Take advantage of this first impression by being genuine, do not spam the candidate.


5. Listen to candidates

Money is not always the top motivator for candidates, the true motivator can vary greatly. Candidates are not always passive because they love their job but because they are comfortable where they currently are and it works for them and their routine. Listen to your candidates, look at their job history to help understand their core motivators, it may be something simple such as a shorter commute to allow them to be home earlier.


6. Let the candidate guide you

Not every candidate knows what they are looking for so present them with opportunities, explain the value each one could bring to the candidate and use their response and reason to help you to find the right match for them. Ensure you don’t go for the hard sell when presenting jobs instead, use it as an opportunity to understand the candidate and their motivators better.


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