Key Attributes Needed to Manage a Team of Field Sales Professionals

05 May 2021

Key Attributes

Running a team of field sales professionals can be challenging, this doubles when it comes to managing a team across different countries. 

It needs to be brought into the interview process so there is mutual understanding. 

It must be part of your interview process, below are a few points to think about getting right when it comes to managing internationally. 


• Different national holidays 
• Taking August off 
• Address someone formally in Switzerland 
• Style of work – i.e. lunches in Spain 


• Time zone 
• Assessing activity 
• Sharing of date 


• Simply, does it work and does it aim in saving or earning business. 

Agreed minimums 

• Do they have the talent or is it an effort issue, if you agree on minimums it sets the foundation. 

Face to face 

• Make the effort and spend time with them, guide and coach situationally. 


• Very easy to use technology to support and solve issues at a moment’s notice 
• Agree on times to catch up. 


• There must be an agreed level of trust. 
• Without this, either you or someone else should find a new job or company!!! 


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