15 Strategies To Attract Passive Candidates

04 May 2021 Projectus Consulting

15 Ways

Companies have realised that to keep their competitive edge that is essential to promote new positions in the same way they would market their products and services. Several strategies can be applied to attract a passive candidate to a new role even if they are not looking.

​1. “Recruiting Culture”

This involves getting all team members regardless of their position motivated to fill internal roles. Referral schemes are used as an incentive to motivate employees providing rewards for finding successful effective hires.

2. Talent Watch

Keeping a lookout for talent before a job opportunity arises. Having already built a good relationship makes passive candidates easier to persuade when bringing them a new career challenge.

3. Blogs

Reading other people’s blogs will help you to gain valuable insight into their personality and competence. It reflects the reputation the individual was able to build and how effective this has been for them.

4. Get Creative

Create your own blog so that individuals can use it as a source of information about yourself. This gives people the opportunity to ask questions and receive all relevant information.

5. Like, Follow, Connect!

Engaging with passive candidates allows them to know how valuable they are in the job market. This gives them confidence as well as an ego boost!

6. Referrals

Ask for a specific skill set. Do not ask “Do you know someone who is looking for a job?” instead ask “Do you know someone with xyzzy skills?” This will be able to provide you with more suitable candidates to fit a role specification.

7. Take Note

When you come across people of interest who in the future may be a great candidate take note and record their information. You can also think of individuals who you have worked for or within the past. Names? What are they doing now? Are they happy in their workplace? This may be on their social media so use it!

8. Listen

Money is not everyone’s main motivator; it may be working in an office that is closer to home or being offered training opportunities. These are key factors for many candidates in the decision of choosing if changing their job would be worthwhile.

9. Informal Events

Hosting informal events will be beneficial for both recruiter companies and the passive candidate. This gives everyone the chance to network and build relationships without all the added pressure and seeing where it leads.

10. Self-Promotion

Do not promote yourself as a recruiter but instead an expert or guru in a specific sector. Employees are more likely to engage with a specialist in a specific area than a recruiter. Once that relationship is established do not retreat to a recruiter persona as it may make your potential hire turn into a new job seeker.

11. Ask!

Ask your employees who the best people they know are. Through LinkedIn check their credentials and get in touch, take them out for lunch and make a proposal if they come across as a suitable candidate for certain positions.

12. Social Media

Find out who follows your company, who contributes, updates their profile, shares, and retweets content, let them know they are on your radar. Combining the online exposure and the replies received from passive candidates will start to take your offer more seriously.

13. Online Community

Having an online community allows passive candidates to keep their options open without having to disclose any information. Industry-specific discussions can then take place and based on who and who people contribute you can make notes on who to contact.

14. Company Information

Keep an ear out for which companies are laying off employees and get details of those who may soon be facing unemployment and offer them a secure job to go into.

15. Unexpected Potentials

When a candidate produces references always consider not just the candidate, but also the references provided as they may have the potential to be a candidate for future hires.


Keep in mind that to persuade the passive candidate to change their position the offer must be substantial that their current company will not be able to offer them.


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