The Job Searching Mistakes People Keep Making

15 January 2021

Job Search

January is the most popular time of the year to look for a job with up to 1 in 5 open to pastures new according to company review site Glassdoor. With so many of you looking right now, we thought we’d share 5 job searching mistakes we experience people making every day.

1. You’re Only Going After Big Companies

It’s good to have a big brand employer on your CV but the experience you can get at a smaller company is just as precious. As a top industry buff, you should get to know who the up-and-comers are in your industry. Why not apply for positions with them? Working for fast-growing start-ups or early-stage commercial companies, often present unique opportunities for growth including side step job moves and rapid promotional opportunities not available in corporate companies. Smaller companies, present the chance to work on juicier projects with fewer layers of management, and red tape to pull it off.

2. Using A Generic CV For Every Job

Your CV should read like a 1-2-1 conversation between you and the hiring manager so make it connect. It’s good to have a generic CV as a template to pull core details from, but you must tailor your CV to the company in question. A job with the same title across 20 companies will still want you to focus on specific skills and character traits within that umbrella on balance. Mimic the language used in the job advert or by your recruiter.

3. Not Following Up With The Recruiter Direct

If you are applying to an advert posted by a recruitment consultant, give them a call. Find out a bit more about the role to see what will make you a good fit. This will make your name ‘pop’ in the shortlisting exercise and give you the opportunity to find out more information about the role. Give the Recruiter a link to your LinkedIn profile and connect with them if possible.

4. Not Knowing Your Market Value

Research your worth online. There are so many salary surveys and benchmarking tools on the internet that there are no excuses for your employer to put you on a package below your market value. Research your worth. So many people accept pay rises below what their level and years of experience actually command. Asking for more isn’t enough, the best way to get the remuneration package you require is to be prepared with a salary figure and evidence justifying it when the question of compensation comes up.

5. You Only Apply If You Fit All The Criteria

Just because you don’t fit ALL the experience on the advert doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. Firstly, you don’t know what the hiring manager may be willing to set aside (or train you on) above what you do have. Nowadays, employers are keen on 'company fit’ and soft skills like character traits and personality. Create openings for yourself. Just because you don’t tick EVERY box, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. Don’t sell yourself short and create those openings!

What job-searching tricks have worked for you? We’d love to hear about them!

Catherine Campbell, Client Liaison Manager at Projectus Consulting

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