Podcast - MedTech Leadership with Daniel Leite - VP of Global Marketing for Circle Cardiovascular Imaging

16 June 2020


Liam Newton sits down with the charming Daniel Leite, Vice President of Global Marketing for Circle Cardiovascular imaging, to discuss his experiences being a leader in the MedTech industry.

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. develops world class, advanced, post-processing solutions for the cardiac imaging industry. Circle is a prominent company for the global cardiac imaging community bringing together an experienced and qualified team of more than 150 people.

Circle’s imaging platform, cvi42 is the leading best-in-class cardiovascular imaging reading and reporting solution for Cardiac MR, Cardiac CT, and Cardiac Interventional Planning. Annually, hundreds of thousands of cardiac exams - in over 1,000 hospitals in 40 countries - are interpreted using cvi42, providing physicians the tools to accurately quantify and diagnose complex cardiovascular diseases while improving patient outcomes and the effective utilization of healthcare resources.

Currently at version 5.10, cvi42 utilizes machine learning and big data, with the machine results demonstrating capabilities within the same range as expert human readers, improving cardiovascular health through excellence in imaging as an integral part of precision medicine. Circle's software shall contribute to quality in cardiovascular imaging and research, maximizing the achievable benefit for patients by enabling healthcare providers to accurately and effectively analyze cardiovascular images.

Excellence in cardiovascular imaging and care is Circle's highest priority.