Podcast - MedTech Growth with Lomax Ward - Co-Founder of Luminous Ventures

16 June 2020

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Tim Lawrie speaks with Lomax Ward, co-founder of Luminous Ventures, the go-to venture fund for the most daring and innovative entrepreneurs requiring Seed to Series A/B investment.

Luminous prefer to be the first venture investor, focusing on visionary founders with breakthrough technologies, backing deep-tech and science that matters and delivers top returns. Backed by a network of families, they lead or follow - investing as little as €250,000 and as much as €5,000,000. Luminous Ventures is the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Health’s lead country investor for the UK.

Their portfolio of ground-breaking companies includes Hadean, Synthace, BioBeats, FaceSoft, Active Global, Astroscreen and Beyond.

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