Artificial Intelligence Fights Against COVID-19

05 May 2020

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A brand new collaboration between Edinburgh-based Current Health and the Mayo Clinic will use AI and remote patient monitoring to tackle the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

This collaboration aims to accelerate the identification of COVID-19positive patients and give an early prediction of symptoms and disease severity

Current Health already helps manage the care for hundreds of patients infected with the coronavirus. They have collected anonymised vital-signs data including; temperature, heart rate, oxygen saturation, activity and posture and will share this data with the Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic will then use the digital biomarkers provided by Current Health to develop AI-based algorithms as a form of triage to understand and then prioritise a more proactive treatment

The collaboration comes at a time when there are 3.2 million COVID-19 cases worldwide with 225,617 deaths, according to worldometers

It’s not all doom and gloom however, the website also shows that 986, 622 people have already recovered from the virus

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