Fully Disposable Robot will Revolutionise Endovascular Surgery

25 January 2020


The world’s first fully disposable endovascular surgical robot has just been created. Earlier this month, Microbot Medical, based in Massachusetts and Israel, unveiled the LIBERTY device, developed to manipulate catheters in cardiovascular, neurovascular, and peripheral vascular procedures.

Clinicians can operate LIBERTY remotely - meaning they can avoid the dangerous radiation emitted by fluoroscopes. The little robot also reduces the physical strain on human surgeons performing endovascular procedures, who normally have to stand over the operating table and steer the catheters by hand during surgery that can take hours.

The microbot completely eliminates the need for capital equipment - and its “One & Done” capability means only one bot is used per procedure, so there’s no need to manage multiple disposable products either.

Dr. Eyal Morag, Chairman of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Israel’s Assuta Ashdod Medical Centre, predicts that healthcare providers will welcome LIBERTY, not only because of its clinical and technical benefits but also because the system is straightforward and easy to set up. Since the bot’s remote operation is so intuitive, he believes it will democratise vascular surgery by creating a shorter learning curve for physicians.

Harel Gadot, Chairman, President and CEO of Microbot Medical, says LIBERTY will “revolutionise the way surgical robotics are being used in endovascular procedures”.

Microbot has raised nearly $9 million in a common stock offering to fund the development of LIBERTY. Selling 900,901 shares of common stock at $11.10 per share brought in gross proceeds of $10 million. After placement agent fees and offering expenses, this leaves net proceeds of about $8.99 million for the company.