Genius AI Fights Colorectal Cancer

17 November 2019


The ‘GI Genius’ intelligent endoscopy module offers new hope in the fight against colorectal cancer. Launched by Medtronic, it uses AI to detect colorectal polyps before they grow into tumours.

By highlighting the pre-cancerous polyps with a visual marker in real time, the GI Genius module acts as a second observer alongside a human doctor. Studies show a second observer can increase polyp detection rates - and every 1% increase reduces the risk of colorectal cancer by 3%. Colorectal cancer is the world’s third most common cancer, with 1.8 million cases diagnosed every year.

Integrating advanced technologies like AI into daily practice is key to fighting colorectal cancer. With the advent of AI in gastroenterology, diagnostic endoscopy has entered a new are of incredibly precise colonoscopies. The GI Genius module can identify lesions in the colonic mucosa that the human eye would miss (small flat polyps are particularly hard to spot.)

This means more patients can hope to be diagnosed at an early enough stage for successful treatment, and reduces the risk of interval cancers, which can occur between colonoscopies.

Medtronic entered a global distribution agreement with Cosmo Pharmaceuticals to bring this new tech to market. Cosmo is the sole manufacturer of the GI Genius module, both software and hardware. However, it hasn’t quite made it to worldwide distribution yet - although it’s CE-marked and available in several European countries, it has yet to get FDA clearance for sale in the US.