The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Radiology by James Elton

23 October 2019


Technological advances within the Medical Device industry are not uncommon – the R&D teams of every company are working hard to bring innovative, life-saving tech to the fore, always searching for better solutions to many of the issues we face in Healthcare today.

As my focus is on the Medical Imaging Market, I have a particular interest in the use of AI in Radiology. Anyone reading this blog will probably be aware of the boom in this niche area over the last few years.

My dad is a Consultant Radiologist approaching retirement – he has seen it all – from paper referrals to the PACS and RIS then on to DICOM. We can sometimes get lost in the jargon but it’s important to remember how digital transformation has eased the extremely heavy workflow faced by clinical staff in Imaging departments. The question now is; what part will Artificial Intelligence play?

Having worked with some of the pioneers in this area and having spoken to staff who are using the software solutions in place already, AI will use vast masses of patient data to make quick and accurate diagnoses of various diseases. At this stage, it will always be down to the consultant to make the final decision – the human touch should never be underestimated. Communication with other departments and deciding on treatment courses will ultimately always be the decision of the relevant physicians.

All in all, there is a very exciting few years to come and it will be interesting to see which companies find the best ways to integrate their solutions with existing healthcare protocols and systems. Should you share my interest and want to explore this avenue, then don’t hesitate in reaching out to me!