Emerging Technologies in the Fight Against Cardiovascular Disease

16 September 2019


Each year cardiovascular disease (CVD) causes 3.9 million deaths in Europe and even worse, when it doesn’t cause death and the patient has very limited medical assistance.

Life quality can be drastically affected by any disease, but what if there are solutions in the market that facilitate the monitorization of your symptoms? Wouldn’t it be great to know in the earliest stage when there are alarm symptoms that if they develop will send the patient to the hospital?

Imagine having an app that tells you that your are about to have a heart attack and notifies emergency for you! Well, even if it sounds like a fiction movie, this is already happening!

It is called Cardiac Rhythm Management, developed by Biotronik, and it’s different devices can monitor Arrhythmia, Bradycardia, Tachycardia even Cardiac Resynchronization!

“The business unit CRM includes implantable devices, leads and accessories as well as external devices to treat and manage arrhythmia-related diseases. Specifically designed implantable devices for either too slow a heart rhythm (pacemakers) or too fast a rhythm (cardioverter defibrillators) help patients benefit as their overall health status can be improved. Key innovative treatment options like Home Monitoring, ProMRI i.e. MR conditional devices, the DX technology, Closed-Loop-Stimulation as a highly advanced system to physiologically regulate cardiac activity, and fractal coating line the path of innovative milestones.” (excerpt from Biotronik website)

Another revolutionary product is Biotronik’s CardioMesenger Smart:

The company explains their innovative device as one that “looks like a smartphone and can be used on the go for up to 48 hours. CardioMessenger Smart is designed for stationary use when placed on a patient’s nightstand, as well as mobile use. It receives information from the implanted device at night while patients sleep.”

Science is getting so far, that I can only wonder, what is coming next? What do you think?