What is success?

07 August 2019

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What does it look like to you?

What drives you towards it?

Do you consciously aim for it and if so, why?

Do you set yourself objectives?

Do you hold yourself accountable to those?

Do you try to surround yourself with successful people?

Are you constantly striving for more or does success to you mean being comfortable with what you have?

Think about these questions for a moment and discover, are you are someone who likes to take initiative and push your development, or someone who is settled and content in your ‘comfort zone’?

As we know, everyone is different. Some people are happy going through the motions being passive, being reactive, content with where they are in work and life – we all know people like this, you might be this person and that is fine, although know that these people rarely go on to make a significant mark in history. The late Maximus Decimus Meridius famously says in Gladiator “what we do in life, echoes in eternity”. Great film. But what does he mean by this? My interpretation is that your actions now will determine your future. In other words, you are the master of your own destiny.

What can you do today to make you better tomorrow?

There is no doubt that people are motivated in different ways, by different things. End goals are a fantastic way to motivate and stimulate success. Understand what it is that you want and be aware of incorporating that into your daily and weekly routine. Whatever it is; money, clothes, cars, education, real estate, a business idea, life experience, planning a wedding, a holiday etc.

How can you make that notion or ambition more present in your daily life?

One way is to visualise it. Print it off and have it with you or as your background on your phone or computer screen. Write it down every day. Make it real, and your actions will follow.

When you are motivated you operate with a heightened sense of confidence, ability and are able to think and work smarter and faster. Why?

It gives you energy, it gives you purpose and most of all it initiates action and resilience in order to achieve your goal. What happens when you achieve that goal? You deliver to yourself a sense of worth.

Everyone wants to feel valued.

External praise is a nice way to achieve this. However, what is more, powerful than the true sense of pride you get when you achieve something you set your sights on and recall the road you took to get there?

Generally the bigger the challenge, the greater the pride and the more extreme the intrinsic reward. When you achieve your goals, do you sit back and relax? Or do you set your sights on something new? When you consider the most successful people in history there is often a common trend when it comes to pushing boundaries, not resting on laurels, and striving for more. Was Richard Branson happy to relax when he successfully set up Virgin Records? No – he expanded into other areas constantly pushing boundaries.

Remember, there will be setbacks. You will face tough times. You will fail and you will learn. This is part of success.

No one that has achieved great success did not fail at some point to get there. Embrace failure. It makes you stronger.

“Most great people have achieved their success one step beyond their greatest failure”
– Napoleon Hill

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