Exclusivity by Dominic Lynch

11 July 2019


I want to talk about the value of commitment.

When I work with a client in the cardiology industry, I always look to agree on an exclusive working relationship- for their benefit as much as mine. You may assume this is for selfish reasons, but I want to explain why this is not the case.

There are a million terrible recruiters out there who will waste your time. I’m not one of them- and if a potential client disagrees, they are not with my time. Effective recruitment is a true partnership, and a true recruiter is a market consultant. Exclusivity is confirmation that we are on the same page.

From a client’s perspective, usually a senior manager-CEO, VP or Director level- they are extremely busy people. They certainly don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with a whole load of recruiters working the same roles. An effective communication pattern is essential to a successful working relationship- you won’t get that without exclusivity.

It really is a false economy to get a whole load of different agencies working the same roles. Just think about it- if I know I will get paid I’m going to put everything into the project. If there’s a 20% I’ll get paid chance I’m not. Common sense.

My best work has always been as an exclusive consultant for my client’s projects. Clear communication patterns with invaluable candidate feedback. Smoothly managed interview processes. And most importantly the best candidates placed with my clients.

So recruiters- always ask for exclusivity! And med tech innovators- invest a committed consultant- it will pay dividends.