World Heart Rhythm Week 2019 by Koya Greenway-Harvey

05 June 2019


Recently, a close family friend passed away suddenly following an AF stroke and subsequent multi-organ failure. He was 60 years old. Another is in her early 50s and on her 3rd pacemaker following complications from chemotherapy to fight her breast cancer.

Before 2017, Arrhythmia was something I had heard infrequently; I could count on one hand the number of times I had ever used that word. When someone close to you has a problem regulating their heart rhythm, they often do not realize until it is too late. This week is arrhythmia awareness week, so it felt right to send out a mini-fact sheet to help prevent the type of loss, that I personally have felt.

You should know that:

  • “There is currently no required program of pulse checks or heart rhythm screening at regular health check-ups”

  • “Something as simple as Knowing Your Pulse can save your life or reduce your risk of a debilitating or life-threatening AF-related stroke”

  • “It only takes 30 seconds, and is so simple that people of all ages, young and old, can learn how to do it”

Please take the time to look at where they give great tips and resources on knowing your body so that you can get the help needed if something goes wrong.

Having worked extensively with several stroke intervention and atrial fibrillation companies across the medical device market, NHS staff and first aiders, we should all share our stories and knowledge this week to raise awareness.