Medrobotics Snake-Like Robot to Slither Through Your Gastrointestinal System!

20 May 2017

Medrobotics received FDA clearance to press ahead with its robotic surgical device designed for colorectal surgeries in America. Moving in a way that works a bit like the London Underground (!) the snake-like device is designed to be able to manoeuvre its way around the tunnels of the digestive tract. It will then perform procedures and aid diagnostics. It’s anticipated to give colorectal surgeons new treatment options that are not otherwise possible with traditional methods.

Hailed as the world’s first flexible surgical robotic platform, it will go to market as the ‘Flex Robotic System for colorectal procedures.’

This impressive device hasn’t even started yet and it’s already an award winner! It recently won a ‘best new product’ award at the Edison Awards 2017 and won a ‘best-in-show prize’ at the Medical Design Excellence Awards 2016.
The Flex Robotic System is a medical device and healthcare game changer in surgery and has potential to expand into other healthcare treatment areas. Watch this space!

What are your thoughts on the Flex Robotic System and how would you feel if it was suggested for treatment on you?

Nicola Lawler, Projectus Consulting