The Next Major Trend in Structural Heart Surgery

28 February 2017

There are momentous waves happening in the cardiovascular market at the moment!

Minimally invasive mitral valve replacement is expected to be the next major trend in structural heart, following in the success of transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

Valtech Cardio an Israeli innovator for mitral and tricuspid valve repair and replacement, announced late last year an agreement to be acquired by Edwards Lifesciences. The acquisition means Edwards will have access to the Cardioband Reconstruction System for transcatheter repair of the mitral valve and tricuspid valve of the heart.

Middle Peak Medical is a privately held medical device company focused on a novel approach to treating mitral valve disease. Their technology is designed to restore mitral valve disease by providing a new posterior surface onto which the anterior leaflet can properly seal. Symetis announced earlier in the month the acquisition of Middle Peak Medical.

What will Medtronic, Boston Scientific & Abbott Vascular/ St Jude Medical do?

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Akbar Ali, Projectus Consulting