6 Do’s and Don’ts For a Winning Job Interview

14 March 2017

We’ve put together the most critical interview ‘do’s and don’t’s based on the candidate feedback we’ve had from some of the world’s top medical technology companies. Great news is, most don’t require much time or effort!

6 Do’s for a winning job interview

1. DO dress appropriately for the job
Follow the dress code suggested by your recruitment consultant process exactly and don’t presume anything. If you are unsure about something i.e. “Blazer or no blazer?” Ask!

2. DO arrive 30 minutes early
Arrive 30 minutes early and go to a coffee shop nearby to clear your mind and relax after your journey. This will also buy you time in the instance of an accident on the roads or an unforeseen problem with the trains.

3. DO offer a firm handshake
Your body language speaks volumes. Ensure you make eye contact with everyone in the room, even if one interviewer appears to take the lead. Avoid closed off behaviour such as looking down or crossing your arms.

4. DO avoid controversial topics
DO avoid controversial topics such as politics and provocative jokes. People blunder jokes or accidentally take them too far in pressured situation. These can be viewed as unprofessional no matter what good humour the interviewer has in a normal setting.

5. DO show enthusiasm and mention company specifics
Visit the company website and read their mission and values statement and senior management page. Find out about the projects and products they are passionate about as well as their awards and accolades. Bring these into the conversation.

6. DO close the interview
Great closing questions include “Where do you see the role in 2 years’ time?” “Is there anything else you need me to clarify?” “What is the next step in the process?” Never underestimate the importance of this.

6 Don’ts at a job interview

1. DON’T bring a change of clothes
Your interviewers may be in reception and they may ask the receptionist about you. On that note, show courtesy to the receptionist as this is the company’s first impression of you.

2. DON’T chew gum during the interview
It's off-putting and unprofessional on a first impression basis.

3. DON’T speak negatively about your current or former colleagues
This includes your current or former manager, senior management or company. You could be perceived as someone who averts blame for their own shortcomings, a potentially disruptive team member or a gossip.

4. DON’T bring up personal issues
It's too much too soon at interview stage! If you have concerns about the impact of the role on your personal circumstances, speak to your consultant about these beforehand so they can advise both you or the client accordingly.

5. DON’T bring up the benefits package at interview
This should not be done at interview stage and is best discussed after an offer is made. This includes salary, pensions and holidays. Your consultant will tell you what these are anytime and will also handle any pre-or-post interview salary and benefit negotiations for you.

6. DON’T be a no show
If you have problems on the day let your recruitment consultant know ASAP so they can manage the situation appropriately. It is an immediate blacklist if you fail to show on the day without explanation. If you’ve changed your mind about the role, inform your consultant about any doubts beforehand so they can provide you with another role and give this opportunity to someone else.

What's the most memorable interview feedback you've ever recieved?

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