Crawford Health's Wound Dressing That Will 'Save Limbs' FDA Cleared

20 February 2017

Leading British wound care maker Crawford Healthcare gained US FDA clearance recently for a wound dressing they claim will ‘save limbs.’ It’s called KerraCel AG and it absorbs the bacteria and fluid from severe wounds and turns it into a gel.

The groundbreaking element behind KerraCel AG is that remarkably, it contains silver at a concentration that obliterates all bacteria including those resistant to antibiotics.

US FDA clearance for the British wound care maker is a huge breakthrough for Crawford Health, and a key factor in their business growth plans as the USA accounts for almost half of the wound care market’s global spend.

Chief Executive Richard Anderson stated that Crawford made £21.5m profit in sales last year and that is expected to increase by 20% this year with the KerraCel AG being a key player in that.

Scientists at Crawford Health are now investigating whether the groundbreaking silver technology featured in the KerraCel AG can be used in other forms of treatment.

Watch this space!

Nicola Lawler, Head of Marketing at Projectus Consulting