4 Reasons You Keep Making Disastrous Hires

07 February 2017

Securing the right hire for your team is difficult. There are so many process and people factors to juggle and getting it wrong will cost you time and large sums of money. The hiring process isn't an exact science but there are a few things you can improve on to ensure a better outcome.

1. Your interview process takes too long
One of the biggest frustrations we come up against when placing top talent are companies who have a messy interview process with large gaps between second or third stage interviews. Top talent won’t wait and worse- will get snapped up by your competition fast. A slow or disorganised interview process can appear disrespectful and uncommitted to the role. The top talent pool is a candidate driven market and you need them more than they need you. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that a company hoping to attract the best talent presents itself as a worthwhile and trusted employer. A slow interview process isn’t a good start and the process from C.V to job offer shouldn’t take more than 3 weeks.

2. You hired on skills and not behaviours
Hiring on skills alone is quickly becoming a dated approach to tackling business growth. Nowadays, top employers are reaping the benefits of hiring people based on the right mix of employee behaviours and skills.
So many employers hire people on skills, then feel let down by employee behaviour afterwards. The key to avoiding this is in the interview process. 'Intelligent hiring’ recognises the importance of employing people based on the effective binding of different employee behaviours to increase overall team output. For example, if you already have 4 team members who take the lead in a pressured situation, you may wish to go for the more compliant orientated character who takes direction well and train them on the hard skills they lack. The focus on emotional intelligence is on the rise too. Remember, hard skills you can train staff on (and should commit to as a top employer anyway). Character profiles and passion are different.

3. Not using specialist recruiters
Companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of using specialist recruiters. Specialist recruitment companies are niche recruitment agencies that focus solely on a particular industry. When a recruitment agency operates this way, they are often smaller and have a better information share within the company. Essentially, you aren’t just working with one recruiter, you are tapping into the shared knowledge of them all. Expertise and networking are more prominent and effective within niche companies. As a niche company, they are masters in their field, not a Jack of all trades. Make sure you have at least one specialist recruitment company on your books as big brands often lack the infrastructure and grassroots knowledge to get the best people under your nose.

4. Your hiring brief wasn’t specific enough
One of the most critical aspects of the hiring process is the hiring brief and the job advert. After all, it’s how you introduce your job to market. Yet so many hiring managers glaze over this and only start to focus and raise red flags at the shortlist and interview stage. Don’t presume HR or your recruiter know what you want. Remember, they aren't actively involved in the projects that person will be working on and they don't sit within your team 40 hours a week. A generic brief will get you generic people. If a recruiter or HR gives you someone mediocre, try to consider what you may have missed in your hiring brief that allowed that person to slip through the net. Highlight your red flags and preferences before the job goes live and keep reviewing your hiring brief though out the process.

What hiring disasters have you experienced and how did you overcome them? We'd love to hear about it in the comments feed below!

Catherine Campbell, Client Liaison Manager at Projectus Consulting

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If you are currently hiring for a role in medical devices, give us a call to explore what options are available for you on 02038000501 or email info@projectusconsulting.com.If you are currently hiring for a role in medical devices, give us a call to explore what options are available for you on 02038000501 or email info@projectusconsulting.com.