5 Tips To Steer Your Team To Success Today

19 December 2016

As our Clients' work their way up the medical technology career ladder, one of the biggest frustrations they open up to us about is getting the very best out of their teams. After all, your own success weighs heavily on the productivity of the people around you.

Here are 5 tips (of much more) that we give people to help them manage their team to success.

1. First, understand what the term ‘Employee Engagement’ actually means
Specifically, it means an employee who has a well-defined role with purpose, is continuingly progressing, understands why they have a strong influence within their company and feels actively connected to their overall department.

Are you confident that you have done everything you can to ensure each member of your team feels that way about themselves and their role?

2. Call out the elephant in the room
Productivity will drop when there is an ongoing problem that hasn’t been addressed. A good manager should presume that if there is a problem, everyone knows about it already and should address the issue immediately. They should be humble enough to ask questions like ‘What can I do differently to help us turn this around as a team? What’s specifically is causing a blockage in understanding here?’

3. Help your team align your company vision with their personal values
If you have a strong sense of what your company stands for, there’s no doubt it will increase your engagement. Aligning your strategy with your team's personal values creates motivation and a sense of purpose. For example, at Projectus we don’t just tell our people it’s their job to provide our Clients' with the best medical technology professionals in the market. We tell them we recruit with a life-saving purpose, in the medical device industry that improves the lives of our own friends and family and may one day prevent a medical emergency. Brainstorm, and give it a go with your team!

4. Introduce Change
When did you last take a different approach entirely to managing your team? We are creatures of habit and we often accept things are the way they are before changing our own approach first. Just because something is a trusted measure of success for you, doesn’t mean that method works for everybody. Albert Einstein had a saying ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

Take the bottom 3 performing tasks of your team and break the rules! Brainstorm a different approach together. TED talks work well for tactical approaches to change as do motivational speakers like Tony Robbins. Remember, the only way to safeguard against bad habits and complacency is change.

5. Find ways to connect with team members individually
People work harder for managers who take a genuine interest in them.When making ‘small talk’ with your team, refrain from generic speak. Find out what their interests are and ask them about those specifically. Instead of ‘How was your weekend?’ try
‘Which bar did you go to on Friday and what was that like?’This brings out genuine conversation and shows that you care.

Have you been a part of a turnaround team? What helped you?​

Tim Lawrie, Founder and Managing Director at Projectus Consulting

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If you are currently hiring for a role in medical devices, give us a call to explore what options are available for you on 02038000501 or email info@projectusconsulting.com today.If you are currently hiring for a role in medical devices, give us a call to explore what options are available for you on 02038000501 or email info@projectusconsulting.com today.

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