Why November Is the Perfect Time To Look For A New Job

26 October 2016

It’s nearly December already! How and where did the time go? If you’re wondering where the year’s gone, don’t panic. There is still time to make a few of those career goals you’ve been promising yourself all year.

Here' why November is the perfect time to look for a new job.

1. It’s The Calm Before the Christmas Storm
The calm before the Christmas storm is now! Like a lot of people, November is probably your last chance to realistically achieve personal goals for the year. Whether it’s to change jobs, lose that stubborn 5lbs or to save a bit of money, because it’s far less likely these will happen in December.

If you’ve been contemplating making changes to your career this year, use that last minute rush to focus on a shakeup of your career now. The next 4 weeks is enough time to pull your CV together and land a few job interviews before the December mania kicks in and your future manager’s focus also begins to shift…..

2. There Will Be Spare Budget For Hiring
A lot of business end their financial year and close projects in December so by November, hiring managers will get an idea of what budget has gone unspent and recognise that this is the best time to pitch for a new hire. As it’s unspent budget, they are also more likely to be flexible with your salary during the negotiation process. Win, -win all round.

3. Get Introduced and Set up Ready for New Year
Imagine you’ve hit one of your New Year’s resolutions before you even made them? Starting the job hunt in November will give you enough time to interview and start before Xmas break meaning you’ll return to a career shake up and new beginnings in January. What January blues?!

4. Have Your Work Christmas Party With A Different Crowd
Begin the job hunting process now and you might have your Christmas party with your new employer! What a great way to break the ice and get to know people quickly? Not to mention people are friendlier and more approachable over the Christmas period. There’s Secret Santa’s, work bake off’s and other events providing you with a great opportunity to avoid the ‘new starter fears’ and bond with your new colleagues quickly.

Have you been contemplating the prospect of making a career move this year? What’s stopping you from making that move right now?

Simon Broadway, International Team at Projectus Consulting