Projectus Hits Ibiza!

12 October 2016

I recently came back from a fantastic trip to Ibiza (all-expense paid by Projectus) for being a top 3 performer within the company this year!
To say we had an amazing time is an understatement – alongside myself, Tim brought my fellow top 3 performers Simon and Akbar on what I must say was a trip of a lifetime.


We experienced the most beautiful sunset at the world famous Café Mambo followed by dancing at the best club in the world, Space.


From everything to the beautiful hotel (there’s us in the lobby below!) to swimming in the sea, the amazing food and of course, the great company I was in, was fantastic. I think personally for me, my highlight was drinking a magnum of Verve Clicquot, sitting in the Jacuzzi at Ocean beach with the sun blazing down.


I know Simon thoroughly enjoyed topping up his tan while dancing to sweet tunes sipping his Ciroc vodka and for my colleague Akbar, everything was an experience as that was his first time in Ibiza and an unforgettable one at that.


All I have to say is thank you to my Directors Tim and Rebecca for the fantastic trip – much appreciated and I am still recovering!

Catherine Campbell, Medical Imaging Consultant at Projectus Consulting