Global Medical Disposables Market To Reach 273 Billion By 2020

23 October 2016

According to research from Espicom and the Freedonia Group; the global medical disposables market is expected to reach 273 billion by 2020. The growth will be led by America with China accounting for the second largest share in market growth. Western Europe rests third, with Russia taking the fourth spot.

The 273 billion figure signifies a 6.3 annual increase.

Growth in America is attributed in part, to its strict infection prevention protocols, Western Europe to its national healthcare services, China to an advancement of services across its sizable population and Russia due to its large bank of hospital numbers, medical professionals, and population size.

Tell you what, it’s not a bad market to be developing your career in right now with medical device job prospects looking to either remain stable or soar!

Nicola Lawler, Head of Marketing at Projectus Consulting