Man Becomes the First Person in the UK to Have Hip Replacement Surgery In One Day

12 September 2016

Surgeons at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull have made history in Britain by performing the first hip replacement surgery within 1 day. Chris Walker 71, who had the ground breaking operation was home recovering within just 10 hours. This is a hugely significant change where previously; patients were expected to remain in hospital for up to 2 weeks.

Overall, Mr Walker reported that the operation and treatment was a success. He much preferred leaving the hospital to recover at home and he was happy with the medical support and physio treatment he had in hospital and since he’d been home.

The successful orthopaedic procedure was part of ongoing trials at Castle Hill Hospital on fast- tracking hip and knee replacement surgery.

Mr Walker’s implant was produced by British company JRI Orthopaedics who recently appointed a new chairman, Frank Collins. JRI Orthopaedics are also part-funding the project contributing to some of the medication for patients taking part.

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Nicola Lawler, Head of Marketing at Projectus Consulting