Projectus Sports Day!

08 August 2016

Last Friday friends and family came down for the day we’d all been waiting for …….The Annual Projectus Sports Day!

It was Nikeys, headbands, and only the most competitive nature at the ready as the sun gave us the go ahead to play on Friday.

Here are some of the best moments of the day!

1. The plank off!
We dropped like flies down to remaining planking titans Dan and Akbar. There they are holding onto to their final seconds before Dan dropped leaving Akbar planning champion 2016! Check out the video of our MD Tim Lawrie completely bodyslammed by his 3-year-old Harry.


See accusations of cheating, sheer effort and our MD body slammed!

2. Egg and Spoon
Egg (raw!) and Spoon kicked off at a level of shocking seriousness and concentration. Who knew this race would out an egg and spoon phenomenon , protégé and world class talent, Charles Kyriakou (in the white sports top). Look at the margin he won against second place in the pic below!

3. The Wheelbarrow Race
On to more dismal affairs via the wheelbarrow race. Frankly shocking performances by the team a lot of whom didn’t even make the finish line despite our 3 month get fit warning prior to the day. Feeble attempt pictured below!


Other sports included...

Rounders and dizzy penalty shootout (where you spin around until dizzy then take the shot – madness:/) See more pics below, notice Simon Broadway and Projectus Overall Sporting Champion actually planking with beer in hand. Oh dear!


Sporting activities are famously recognised as being a great team bonding exercise that draws out team working and leadership from colleagues outside of the normal company hierarchy. Whether it be a junior colleague’s turn to show the Managing Director what to do or the quiet ones coming out their shell, it’s a great initiative to encourage and develop staff.

You should give it a go too!

Nicola Lawler, Marketing and Operations Executive at Projectus Consulting