Philips Minicare l-20 Can Diagnose A Heart Attack In Under 10 Minutes

14 August 2016


Philips recently launched the Minicare I-20 across parts of the UK and Europe. The Minicare I-20 is able to diagnose a heart attack in under 10 minutes. It measures the level of a protein called cardiac troponin I expelled by the heart into the body following a heart attack. Philips state that the l-20 produces laboratory accurate results on demand permitting medical staff to administer appropriate cardiac treatment immediately.

Philips have taken the product to market calling it a hand- held device that administers a finger prick style blood test in the acute care setting.

Current average diagnosis time is roughly an hour. The Minicare I-20 has now been rolled out in the UK, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Akbar Ali, Senior Cardiovascular Specialist at Projectus Consulting.