Digital Health Is Turning The UK Into A Nation of Impatient Patients

10 August 2016

It’s reported that one in four people in the UK would rather self-diagnose an illness than make time for a doctor's appointment

Due to the growth of technology and shift to digital, people have chosen to self-diagnose their symptoms online because of the unavailability of a fast doctor’s appointment and the time lost or inconvenience of missing work. You know how it goes; don’t google your symptoms or you’ll find the most dramatic diagnosis for your relatively innocent symptoms. However, with the continued preference of self-diagnosis and growth of more accurate telehealth and mobile technologies, more capable self-diagnosis will continue to grow and prosper.

The global digital health market is currently valued at just over £20bn and is forecast to near enough double by 2018. The UK market for digital health is roughly £2bn and expected to grow by up to another billion over the next two-year period. Currently, digital health systems account for the largest share of the digital health market. However, mHealth (mobile health) is set to become one of the biggest drivers contributing to the 100% increase in the digital health market by 2018.

The impact of more accurate self-diagnosis and health monitoring on NHS waiting times, drop in appointments for small ailments and cost savings involved are ground-breaking. Digital Health is probably one of the most beneficial time and cost saving initiatives outside of
direct healthcare or NHS proposals to date.

Some handy examples of everyday health tech for you includes:
Wearable (and fashionable) blood pressure monitoring watch by Japanese tech company Omron
bloog pressure watch

La Roche-Posay’s stretchable skin sensor ‘My UV Patch’
It provides real-time tracking of UV radiation in the prevention of skin cancer.
uv patch

Doctor On Demand
This app streams live video doctor visits including assessment, diagnosis and prescriptions through your phone and the comfort of your own home.
​​doctor on demand

What piece of digital technology or health app are you most excited about and why? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Rakesh Mistry, Digital Health Specialist at Projectus Consulting