5 Quick Tips to Secure a Healthy Work Environment

26 July 2016


Your health is your wealth, productivity and career driver. Are you sure you're doing everything you can to create a healthy environment for yourself and your team? Here's 5 tips to get you started.

1. Be At One With Nature
We evolved around nature and this often means the surroundings of a modern office environment can be detrimental to our health. Creating a natural environment decreases stress levels, increases productivity and enhances mental sustainability and focus.

Try incorporating a touch of nature into your work place such as a water feature, office and desk plants or a view of nature if possible. If a view isn’t conceivable, try mimicking nature with artwork of natural landscapes. If you work on the road try and incorporate a more scenic route home if possible or go for a walk near water or grassland on your lunch break.

Get a purifying plant for the office like The Areca Palm. It acts as an indoor air cleaner removing pollutants and lowering carbon dioxide levels leading to increased brain and body function.

2. Promote Team Building Activities
Team building activities have proven to increase individual performance by breaking the ice and reconnecting colleagues with each other as well as increasing cross team productivity and communications. It gives employees the chance to create something together outside of their professional skill set and internal hierarchy. It challenges critical thinking whilst objectively establishing better ways of working between the group. When employees do well in team activities they grow in confidence and motivation.

Try suggesting a regular team lunch, a work sports day or team building activity hour once a month. Effective team building games to shape your session can be found all over the internet ranging from adult Lego model building to scavenger hunts, sports games and mini challenges like on the BBC’s The Apprentice.

3. The Power of Natural Light
Our internal body clock is instinctively triggered by the level of exposure to natural day light and widespread global reports suggest the average westerner spends between 80%-90% of their life indoors. This lack of exposure to natural light contributes to dips in energy throughout the day because when your brain can’t detect it, your body starts to slow down in preperation for bed time rendering you tired.

Try swapping your desk lamp with a natural daylight LED bulb. It’s a light designed to mimic natural daylight. You’ll feel better avoiding crashes and dips with sustained exposure to ‘natural’ light throughout the day. You’ll very likely sleep better when you put yourself to bed later too.

4. Tailor Your Approach To Different Personalities
No two characters are the same in any office. What works to encourage one colleague will actually be detrimental to another. The end game is to get maximum output from people not to work in a blanket way that works for you or only a few.

Establish (or ask!) what each person triggers and deterants are and how they like to be approached. This will help maintain healthier relationships with people and motivate them and yourself.

5. Take Regular Breaks
Have you ever turned your device on and off to make it work again?! Our brains aren’t much different! Most people will reach a peak of concentration on a singular task at about 1-3 hours with some people on some tasks, concentrating effectively for only a few minutes!

Stop every couple of hours for a 5 minute break for a snack or to speak to someone about an unrelated topic. Just like your device, this will allow your mind to reboot for a more productive use of your time. Using your lunch break for a power walk during the middle of your day also helps you to refocus dramatically.

What tips do you have for keeping healthy at work? Share them with us in the comment feed below!

Nicola Lawler, Head of Marketing at Projectus Consulting

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If you are currently hiring for a role in medical devices, give us a call to explore what options are available for you on 02038000501 or email info@projectusconsulting.com today.
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