A Day In the Life Of A Graduate Recruitment Consultant At Projectus Consulting

11 June 2016


It’s Tom here, I’m the Critical Care Specialist and I’d love to share with you a day in the life of my role at Projectus Consulting!

The alarm sounds, it’s annoying buzzing vibrate, flashing in my face…

But this is not a case of hitting snooze, turning the pillow to the cooler side and sleeping for another 5 or 10 minutes.

I am now a Critical Care Specialist Recruiter at Projectus! The day has begun and the early bird catches the worm after all!

The train always leaves 2 minutes early, a hard lesson to learn considering this is my first job in London, let alone in recruitment. Once on the train it is not time for a nap as many of my compatriots on the sardine express, it is time to prepare for the day.

This is where it all begins by writing my to-do-list, then prioritising it into importance. Following this I will check the web for any interesting articles that will broaden my understanding of recruitment, medical devices and the markets.

The rush to be first in the office has finished! The coffee machine is in full swing and I am at my desk; with my own computer, my own phone, my own keyboard…it’s the little things in life!

Checking my emails is always top of my list. I get lots of emails overnight containing applicant’s CVs for current jobs, as well as from the CV Parser. Not to mention all the replies to my inquiries the day before. So I have to work quickly and efficiently to review all the CV’s and get them processed on our systems.

Every Monday morning the official day starts with a Weekly Debrief and our focus is on Tim the director. This is an exciting time for me. It’s a chance to see how the rest of the team work, what they have and have not achieved, how they plan to be productive and how they plan to set any wrongs right.

It’s my turn to speak, it’s scary but serves to make you really think about how great last week was and how great this week is going to be!

DING! DING! The bell has already rung! The bell signifies that we’ve placed someone in their dream job! This time it’s from Catherine our Medical Imaging Specialist.

We go through the more generic jobs that each consultant has on to maximise the best candidates, making sure that they get the chance to apply for as many opportunities as possible. This is also a good time to share extraordinary candidates that we may not have roles for in our own sectors.

Time to crack on and get on the phones! This is an opportunity for a new recruiter to really shine. I get on the phone and start calling candidates to qualify them to our CRM, we may not have roles that are applicable to their desires but it is utterly important to get all of the information I can from the candidate so that if a role becomes available we can contact them at the drop of a hat. All key skills for phoning candidates are taught in the first weeks and months upon being accepted into the tribe, from then we are expected to develop our own personalities and methods of communication.

DING! The bell rings again! This time its Simon our Senior Orthopaedics consultant who’s changed someone’s career today (and a promotion I believe!)

The day feels like it is running away from me, there’s only 7hours left!! 11am to 12pm is a chance for the team to focus on business development. I particularly love this part of the day, delving into the market to find the best medical technology companies and connecting with the best talent across the UK and Europe!

Lunch, it is not beer o’clock as you see in the films (though 4pm on a Friday is here!) it’s time to quickly fuel up and get some fresh air before I’ll be launched into the remaining segment of the day.

1.00pm – 4.00pm
Following on from the morning I continue to work hard developing candidates and clients. This is also a time in which many of the morning interviews will have been accomplished. So I will now be drawing feedback from clients and candidates, securing 2nd/3rd interviews or in joyful occasions attaining placements!

DING! It’s the bell again. It’s Dani our Contracts Specialist who’s just filled an exciting role covering a maternity cover position. I like these, it’s always a great way to give someone an opportunity they may miss out on in a permanent position.

During the afternoon I will endeavour to contact candidates that are preparing for interviews or are in new placements providing advice where possible and in cases a shoulder to lean on as new challenges are overcome and targets are exceeded.

Team Huddle! Acute Team aaaaaaassssemble! Dan Alexander our head of division will now lead a debrief of the day ensuring that we are organised, back on track if need be and all challenges and tasks set this morning have been obliterated. He delivers a quick rundown of what he expects from us this week and then a chance to voice any requests for extra training or other admin issues.

The day is officially over, but that does not mean the work is done! We finish at 5:30 but I’m sometimes here until 7 or 8 as I’m busy organising interviews and helping clients! The great thing is everyone can leave at 5.30 but we’re so busy putting that little extra in which gives me the opportunity to be even more successful!

What aspects of your job do you like? I bet Projectus can match and better them!

Thomas Aldis, Critical Care Specialist at Projectus Consulting

If you’re interested in developing your career as a Recruitment Consultant at Projectus Consulting, please email your C.V to cv@projectusconsulting.com today