5 Common Habits of the Most Successful People In the World

21 June 2016

Are you looking for ideas you help you reach your goals? Try some of the most common habits of the most notoriously successful people in the world.

1. They read books a lot
Obama is an avid bookworm, and Bill Gates insists on reading every day before bed. J.K Rowling emphasises that this was key to her success.Quite simply, one man on his own will never achieve as much success as he would learning from the collective. Wider reading helps you learn from the successes, emotional experiences, life stories and mistakes of others.

2.They schedule in email time.
Many of the super successful don’t get distracted by email notifications throughout the day. Instead, they schedule dedicated email time once or twice a day & work through them quickly and efficiently. Turn off your notifications if you can’t resist. Micro multitasking and regular distractions decrease focus and render your day's overall performance and quality of work, less successful.

3. They wake up early
Early risers include Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group) Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and Howard Schultz (Starbucks CEO). The idea of waking up earlier than the last minute possible can be daunting. Persistency, coupled with a precise wake-up and bedtime will adjust your body clock. Interestingly, the super successful like Howard Schultz, don’t use the time to work; they use it to exercise, walk the dog and to have quality breakfast time with family.

4. Keep daily tasks simple
Do you find you get home from work exhausted then spend more time thinking about your daily tasks? What to eat? What to wear? Have you noticed Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) always wears a similar outfit? He has a wardrobe filled with the same clothes, so he doesn’t lose focus thinking about what to what to wear every day. Some successful people even eliminate thinking about ‘what to eat?’ by planning their lunches and evening meals every day of the week in advance.

5. They acknowledge and complement the successes of their team
No one is a success on their own. Warren Buffett attributes this to his success. The more you praise your team and support network, the more you’ll accept other people’s perspective and ideas to shape your direction and way of thinking to succeed. Not to mention, they will work harder to help you.

Do you have any tips that have helped you achieve success? Comment in the feed and share with us!

Nicola Lawler, Head of Marketing at Projectus Consulting

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