Medtronic’s Micra Has Got US FDA Approval!

10 April 2016

Medtronic’s Micra is officially the worlds smallest pacemaker now its got US and EU FDA approval! We did a blog about this phenomenal creation earlier introducing the pacemaker during its clinical phase. It’s tiny at a mere 24mm in length about the size of a standard cold and flu capsule!

This momentous cardiovascular win is a breakthrough not only due to the size of the Micra but because it’s the first wireless pacemaker; the first to provide the essential electrical connection between the pacemaker and the heart without leads. Its expected battery life is 12 years.

During clinical trials of the Micra, less than 7% of participants noted any difficulties or need for medical intervention.

St Jude Medical are awaiting US approval for their Nanostim pacemaker following their EU FDA triumph and we’we will keep you posted as soon as we hear anything!

Akbar Ali, Senior Cardiovascular Specialist at Projectus Consulting