Siemens Emerging ‘Cinematic’ Technology To Provide Breakthrough Visuals Into The Human Body!

29 March 2016

Our Client Siemens have begun trials in ground breaking medical imaging technology that would collate data from existing medical imaging systems like MRI's to generate pictures and even videos of photographic quality. This ‘Cinematic Technology’ is the first of its kind in medical history!

How many times has a doctor shown you an image of your insides where you’ve had to nod knowingly with no idea of what you’re actually looking at?!

cinematic hand

Look at the images featured! The outcome would be not only a clear and life like picture of what’s going on inside us but more effective consultations between doctor and patient with consultants able to show images to patients that we can actually see and understand! This would also pave the way for visual diagnosis and surgical planning for medical professionals alike.

Scientists in Austria and across the globe are conducting trials to further the technologies development with formal medical usage still prohibited everywhere.

The power of med-tech research never fails to impress!

What are your thoughts on this medical cinematic technology? I'd love to hear from you!

Catherine Campbell, Medical Imaging Consultant at Projectus Consulting