Medical Technology Market Set To Rise By 172.5bn By 2020!

29 March 2016

Exciting news for the medical technology industry as reports from Deloitte are predicting a whopping 172.5 BILLION rise in the industry’s worth by 2020. The current estimated value of the industry is set at approx. $60.8 billion and is expected to rise to $233.3 billion as soon as 2020.

This is mostly owed to technological advancements increasing at a faster rate than ever, the ever popular wearables technology trend and the phenomenal start-up culture within the industry.

This is fantastic news for the healthcare industry with advanced technology giving us better visuals into the human body, faster diagnosis, an increase in minimally invasive surgery, faster patient turn around and of course, bringing us closer to the prevention of cancer and other devastating diseases.

This is welcome news for med-tech professionals as the medical technology jobs market will expect a huge increase of exciting job opportunities to support the $172.5 billion rise in the medical technology market.

The impact on recruitment within the sector will also incur a huge spike making medical technology recruitment one of the most opportunistic & fastest growing markets to work in.

Are you a medical technology professional curious about making the move over to recruitment? Why not get in touch about an opportunity at Projectus & grow your career potential in one of the fastest growing sectors in the job market?!

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Call us on 0203 8000 501 or email for more info!

Tim Lawrie, Founder and Managing Director At Projectus Consulting