Johnson & Johnson To Purchase of Surgical NeuWave Medical

20 March 2016

J&J have publicised their plans to buy NeuWave Medical.

jnj neuwave

The move is set to propel J&J’s movement within the minimally invasive surgical sphere. NeuWave specialise in minimally invasive technology for surgical procedures such as the removal of growing soft tissue. The main benefits of minimally invasive technology is typically reducing healthcare costs due to, but not limited to, the simplicity of the procedure as well as faster patient care.

This medical technology operates by using microwave energy in a way that heats the cells to eradicate them.

The most effective outcome of NeuWaves Technology would be the removal of tumours & metastatic cancer growth in most of our vital organs.

The deal is awaiting regulatory approval and the purchase price is yet to be revealed. We will keep you posted!

Nicola Lawler, Head of Marketing at Projectus Consulting