Why Emerging Nanotechnology Could Revolutionise Cancer Treatment

23 February 2016

The phenomena of nanotechnology could be one of the most revolutionary developments in medical technology this century.

So what exactly is Nanotechnology?


It’s tech the size of a nanoscale which is defined as a dimension smaller than 100 nanometers. A nanometer being a billionth of a meter! Mind blown.

The biological procedures that make us up occur at the nanoscale and it’s a mishap in those biological processes that lead to cancer. Identifying cancer with nanotechnology could therefore lead to earlier diagnosis at preliminary stages we find difficult to detect. The key to successful cancer treatment is catching it as early as possible and nanotechnology enables scientists to analyse macromolecules and spot mutations at their earliest stages.


Scientist are also developing nanotechnology that can enter the body and make minor repairs or administer treatment at the nanoscale. This could revolutionise current chemotherapy treatment that kills all cells healthy and bad, in a bid to catch the cancerous ones. Working at a local level, nanotechnology could potentially go in and both identify and administer minor repairs on the cancerous cells only.

Woah. It’s certainly extraordinary but research in this field is underway so fingers crossed!

What are your thoughts on this exciting research and do you have anything to add?

Nicola Lawler, Head of Marketing at Projectus Consulting