Smith and Nephew’s $275 Million Purchase of Medical Robotics Maker Blue Belt Technologies.

22 February 2016


smith and nephew logoSmith and Nephew, a British front runner in orthopaedic reconstruction have successfully taken over robotic surgical device producers Blue Belt Technologies.

A price was negotiated at $275 million and the move sees Smith and Nephew get a step ahead in the robotics market. Smith and Nephew CEO, Olivier Bohoun is delighted with the move, stating that the acquisition of Blue Belt Technologies will help emerging Smith & Nephew technology products remain competitive.

blue belts navio system

Blue Belts Navio System (pictured) was the most significant gain for Smith and Nephew. The Navio System boasts exclusive robotic hand held bone modelling technology which guides the surgeon in creating implant plans that concentrate components and stabilise soft-tissue.

What are your thoughts on the impact of this merger on the market and your role?

Nicola Lawler, Head of Marketing at Projectus Consulting